Project Management

Many people think that overseeing the project themselves will save money. This is only the case if things run smoothly on site. Inexperience can result in changes of plans midway through a project or overruns in budget and schedule, all of which can have costly consequences.

You might be wondering “Do we really need a project manager?” If you are committed to a full or part time job, and/or have young children, the answer is probably YES. In our experience, you will not be able to work from 9 to 5 (or probably later in reality) and try and maintain your children’s routine and day-to-day nurture and simultaneously fit in supervising the site, overseeing labour and ordering materials while also making other essential decisions that will affect the future build.

As project managers, we are able to provide effective, objective and impartial advice and direction therefore keeping the channels of communication open between client and builder; a key element required in concluding a successful project.

We add value and experience to the project as well as making our suppliers, contacts and building contractors available to you. You will see substantial discounts on such items as kitchen units, appliances, plumbing fixtures and fittings, tiles, flooring and carpets.

We are able to provide estimates from our own builders or, if you already have builders in mind, we would in the majority of times be happy to work with them.